UNRAE, Unione Nazionale Rappresentanti Autoveicoli Esteri, is the Association of foreign car makers operating in Italy in the trade and distribution of cars, trucks and commercial vehicles, buses, caravans and motorhomes with their network of technical assistance and spare parts distribution.


Nowadays UNRAE is the most valuable partner of the Institutions, providing data, statistics, assessments and scenarios that are supporting the work of the Ministries and other relevant authorities in the management of road transportation. UNRAE is the main source of information and analysis of the automotive market and - not only for its own member companies - a point of reference for all stakeholders. Since 2013 UNRAE is part of SISTAN, the National Statistical System of ISTAT. In order to provide services to its member companies, UNRAE avails itself of its own service company: RAE '88.


UNRAE is currently chaired by Michele Crisci while Andrea Cardinali is the General Manager of the Association.


The origins. UNRAE was founded on November 24, 1950 by 10 members entrepreneurs who belong to the history of the automobile in Italy: William Bull, Paul Borghese, Renato Bornigia, Frederick L. Cole, Alfredo Fattori, Fernando Martorelli, Andrea A.C. M axwell, Ernest Nussbaum, George Pieroni, Salazar Sarsfield. That year, the cars of foreign production sold in the Italian market were only 124, corresponding to a market share of 0.16%. Twelve years later, members became 19 and foreign brand cars registered in Italy were 96.854, with a market share of 15.26%. At the end of 2013 UNRAE members registered 928.000 vehicles, representing 71% of the entire market.


Business size. Currently, 39 companies are members of UNRAE; overall, they represent a turnover of 53 billion Euros and a total of 160,000 employees, including 2,600 employees in dealerships and 11.100 in repair shops. In our country, the foreign carmakers invest approximately 7.2 billion in the purchase of components and 10.4 billion in parts and services. The companies associated to UNRAE, some of which represent different types of vehicles, are divided into:


  • 23 distributors of passenger cars and commercial vehicles,
  • 14 distributors of trucks and trailers,
  • 7 distributors of buses,
  • 2 distributors of spare parts and accessories.

Within UNRAE there are two specialized sections: one is the trucks sector and one is bus sector.







The Services that UNRAE delivers to its member companies are provided through its wholly owned company, RAE 88. The main Services provided are related to the production, processing and analysis of the new and used car market data.

Through its services and its technology platforms, the services company RAE 88 enables the reception, standardization, processing and spread of market information, encoded according to a database system which is unique in Italy. Data can be represented in the greatest possible detail by any of the main dimensions of the market, among which the most important are: volumes, turnover values, segments, users, engine types, fleet, used vehicles, emissions, contracts.


For more information: info@unrae.it

Chi è l'UNRAE

L'UNRAE è l'Associazione che rappresenta le Case estere operanti sul mercato italiano delle autovetture, dei veicoli commerciali e industriali, dei bus e dei caravan e autocaravan.

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